Write for The Author's Resource Pool

We've all had it happen before.  You're watching a movie, a TV show, or reading a book, and you see something very, very wrong.  A non-flammable chemical explodes.  A doctor uses a goofy term.  Arnold Schwarzenegger fires nineteen rounds from a five-round shotgun without reloading.

Everyone's always telling us to write what we know, but the truth is that writers often have write what they don't know.  Getting the details right creates a sense of realism, but slugging through the mounds of research that doesn't apply can be time consuming.

I'm putting together a section of my blog aimed specifically at helping authors cut to the chase, get the information they need, and get it right.  Maybe you know guns.  Maybe you're a master chef.  Perhaps you tinker with software programming.  Let's pool our resources to make it easier for authors everywhere.

  • Focus on helping others understand the system behind the details.
  • Show ways that writers can apply your information in their writing.
  • Provide links to good places to find the details.
I'll be doing contributions for agriculture and sociology, and I'll include my posts on psychopathy.  Email me at scootercarlyle at gmail dot com.  Tell me what you'd like to include and where you got your expertise.



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