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Guest Post by Brad A. LaMar

Pain Meds and Life Lessons Guest Post by Brad A. LaMar
I’d like to thank Scooter for letting me guest blog on Cowgirl Contemporary Fantasy, even though I am not a cow nor am I a girl.I thought I would share a story about my father and my uncle that brought a little humor to a rather depressing situation.
When my father, John, turned 50 he owned his own roofing business and was also a firefighter with great work ethic and big heart for helping someone in need.He never really needed anything from anyone since he was going to work twice as hard as the next guy and make whatever it was that needed to happen happen.I tell you this because about four months after he turned 50 he was struck by a debilitating virus in a condition known as Guillain- Barre syndrome (GBS). (You can follow the link to learn more, but essentially the covering on his body’s nerves known as the myelin sheath was stripped away and his body cannot receive messages from his brain to move.It can be experienced different…