Those Who Are Irredeemable

My father loves to argue a point.  As most of the people he knew did anything they could to avoid
engaging in an argument they'd never win, my sister and I got to debate with him as we were bouncing in the farm pickup's passenger seat.

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He strongly believed that all people are born inherently self-centered or evil, ourselves included.  He saw it in his animals, and most especially in small children.  (Think about it.  Most kids have to be taught to share, to take turns.)  I can't find any numbers to back this up, but it seems as though most folks I run into believe the exact opposite:  that evil people are made that way.

There are a lot of misconceptions about psychopaths, most of which I've covered in a previous post.  I happen to agree with my father, that people are born selfish or evil, so I never thought much about how believing in man's inherent goodness could make one a victim.  One thing that's really been driven home to me while reading Lovefraud is that believing that selfish, evil behavior is due to previous trauma makes you a prime mark for psychopaths or other personality-disordered individuals.

At Lovefraud one can see countless stories in which victims of disordered individuals were reeled in by the psychopath feigning remorse and a trauma-filled past.  Many people react by feeling like they can help "fix" this person, lead them to the light, etc.  What victims do not realize at the time is that one can NEVER trust a psychopath's word on anything.  They lie to lie.  Even if their stories of traumatic pasts are true, they never try to overcome it.  They use it to their advantage.

Psychopaths have no other goal in life other than to get what he or she wants.  They are only interested in you as long as you have something they want.  Any emotion that a psychopath shows other than impatience, anger, or sexual desire is a feigned, and people who believe that there is good in everyone are easily reeled in by this tactic.

The hard fact is that psychopaths are irredeemable.  They see no purpose in "good" behavior because it does not give them what they want.  (Read this letter and another from a psychopath written to the founder of Lovefraud.)  A lot of people violently disagree that psychopaths are irredeemable because it would mean changing that core belief of inherent goodness.  I actually had one person go into hysterics over it.

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