The Uber-Awesomest Pun I've Ever Heard

My husband is a pretty punny guy, and even though I'm a writer, puns tend to fly over my oblivious head for a few seconds.  He was rolling them off in the car the other day, and the puns were smacking me on the forehead so hard that I was pretty sure I had a puncussion.  (A-thank you!)

I wanted to share with you the best pun I've ever heard.  I do not know what twisted mind managed to come up with it, but it was told to me by my good friend, Cathy, who is another punster of the finest order.

Are you ready?

Soooo, Ghandi was a spiritual leader that walked a lot, so his feet grew very tough.  He was extremely thin, and his poor diet gave him a pretty rank case of bad breath and a frail body.

He was a....

Super callused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis.

Do you have a good pun?  Please share!


  1. Oh, that's bad. That's bad. Twisted genius, for sure.

    I know I've heard some bad ones. I know I've made some bad ones. Can I remember them now? Not in the slightest. :( But I'll comment again if I remember any…

  2. Thanks, Anassa. Drop me a pun when you feel like being bad. (That totally sounds worse than what I meant.)

  3. That is hilarious! I found your website off Alan Rizler' The Book Deal


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