Want a Review?

Please note:  I am closed to submissions.  The arrival of a new baby is imminent, and both of my remaining brain cells will be completely occupied.

New Review Policy

Please send me the first chapter of your book.  I will read the first chapter, and if I don't see any major problems (see below) I will read and review the whole book.  Read here for my reasons behind this change.


Though I read many genres, I prefer:

  • Urban fantasy.
  • Contemporary fantasy.
  • Paranormal romance, as long as it's not porn minus the pictures. Tread carefully. I'm very picky as to what I like in this genre.
  • Science fiction.

I'm more than willing to look at:

  • Steam punk.
  • Horror.
  • Alternate history.

I'm not fond of:

  • YA or Middle Grade.  There are a few exceptions to this rule.  Very few.
  • Anything mimicking Twilight. 

I'll review indie, small press, self-published, or traditionally published books, be they novels or short story collections.

Contact me with review requests. Please realize that I will always be honest, but not vicious. I don't ridicule or taunt. Timelines for reviews will depend on my schedule.

Things I Like to See in Fiction:

  • Well-developed characters.
  • Strong world building.
  • Snappy dialogue.
  • Strong voice and flow.
  • Good pacing.
  • Cool types of magic or technology.
  • Substantial risk for the main characters.

Things That Really Put a Burr Under My Saddle:

  • Preachiness, and not just about religious matters. If you've slipped a moral into your story, show us why it's important. No one likes to read a diatribe.
  • Obvious lack of research. Writers need to do their research to make stories about the impossible more believable.
  • Infodumps and excessive exposition.
  • Lack of structure, both in the plot and in the prose.
  • Typos. I want to see your best work, not your almost-ready work.
  • Overly enthusiastic use of adverbs and adjectives.
  • Overwriting.
  • Bitchy heroines that pointlessly kick ass and take pointless risks.
  • Pointless sex.

Extremely Substandard Literature

I occasionally receive a request to review a manuscript that has substantial problems, making it difficult and frustrating to read. Please realize that I post all reviews once I've agreed to do them. If your work has not been vigorously edited, I'd rather you take some more time to whip it into shape before asking me.

Review Examples from The Portal

Crossed Genres, #24
Sword and Sorceress, XXV
Alt Hist, Issue 1 (Look at this one if you'd like to see how I handle fiction that has multiple problems.)

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