Things I Learned During My Blog Break

First, I should apologize for my lengthy absence.  I've learned many things while I took an unintentional blog break.

  • When one takes a kid fishing, one doesn't really get to fish.
  • Montana is really, really big.
  • Long breaks from one's project sharpens one's ability to spot one's own stupidity.
  • A censor button needs to be installed in my brain.  Or my mouth.
  • I know I've become addicted to The Hunger Games when I started looking for tracker jackers in my garden.
  • When it snows on frickin' MAY 26TH, one should not panic and replace all the plants in one's garden, as it leaves one with a shit-ton of plants when they all bounce back.
  • Never leave third graders alone in a room full of expensive recording microphones.
  • Kari Ann Peniche is a crazy maker of the first order.
  • The squeaky wheel doesn't always get the grease.  Sometimes it gets a big red bullseye.
My three-year-old son learned many things, as well, but most importantly to never, ever drop the toilet seat.

I also learned that cows have far more entertainment value than drunken cow-tipping.*

*My husband pointed out that sometimes the cows ran away from the car and sometimes they followed it. There's a reason for that. Cows instinctively follow the rear of something moving away and flee from the front of something coming toward them. That herd instinct makes them much easier to round up and move.


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