God Bless Her Pea-Pickin' Heart

My sister had to have a very unexpected gall bladder surgery this week.  Good thing she had it out.  Apparently it had welded to her small intestine, which I thought was pretty gross, yet cool.  My mom has been watching my sister's two girls so she can recover.  I'm going to head down and spell my mom so she can recover from my nieces.

The day of the surgery, the oldest girl had been smarting off pretty much from the moment she got up.  My mom, exasperated, threatened to do something about her smart mouth, to which my niece replied, "Grandma, God made me in his image, and if he didn't want me to have a smart mouth, He wouldn't have given me one."

Somewhere in Glendive, her future kindergarten teacher sleeps soundly, completely unaware of the mayhem in store for the fall of 2012.

UPDATE:  Not long after the little darling popped off to Grandma, she said the following:

My Niece: Mom, I can't stay at home by myself, can I?

Her Mom: No, but when you are twelve you two can probably be on your own with you in charge.

My Niece: In charge? Like God?

Anyone else seeing a pattern here?  :-)


  1. Children are special especially when they aren't yours. My granddaughter called me a "sucka" on her last visit. I guess that's what I get for teaching her the Twinkle Star Rap.


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