Montana's Flooding, By The Way

Up here, we tend to say "crick" instead of "creek."  Well, there are cricks where there have never been cricks before.

The school at which I teach is comprised of four different communities.  One of those communities flooded badly on Sunday, and I thought, "Wow.  I guess it doesn't get much worse."  Shut the #)%* up, Scooter.

Today, the biggest city in Montana was hit with torrential rainfall like nothing ever seen.  The manhole covers were blown clean off of the sewers.  My house on the outskirts of town is flooded with water from my septic field, as is most of my block in one way or another.  We managed to get my son to his grandparents' house out of town just before the irrigation canal burst and flooded everything a block north of us.  Both routes out of my dead-end street are now blocked by high volumes of water.

I was devastated by the water in my basement at first, but now I'm feeling fortunate after I saw happen to those around me.  We may not have a way out of town, but I have internet service, dammit! I've embedded some video of the damage. We don't have any of the worst of the damage yet, as the heaviest rain just fell a few hours ago.

Would you mind adding Montana to your prayers alongside the rest of the states dealing with flooding and severe weather?


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