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I've been kicking around titles for my work in progress for ages.  It's working title is The Rider of Nealra, but every one I've considered has problems.  After reading this great post at Books & Such, I've been putting more thought into the matter.

These titles fight so voraciously in my head that sometimes I think I need to call a referee.  Or, a shrink.  You'll find the description of the novel to your left.  Which do you think is best overall?  If you don't like any of them, give ideas, suggestions, or revisions in the comments below.

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  1. For some reason I can't get the poll buttons to work for me, so I'm going to vote for "Eater of Souls" here. It's catchier than "Rider of Nealra", which could mean just about anything but strikes me more as an exclusively epic fantasy kind of title. And "Crooked Smile Woman" doesn't factor into your description of the book, so I don't think she's important enough to the story to merit the title. But maybe she is, and should be in the description? I don't know. It also sounds like a Native legend or name, which may play to your benefit, and may not.

  2. Thanks, Anassa. I'm new to using this software. Sorry it didn't work. I'm kind of leaning that way, too. "Crooked Smile Woman" fits the character and the story, but not in a way that it would make sense with the description. You're right.

  3. Saw your comment on the Blood Red Pencil blog, noticed your horses and had to come visit your blog. Then you sucked me into a genre I don't even like with your story premise. I'll read anything that has to do with horses, including the ingredients on the bag of feed. I'm sure your book will be a better read. Let me know when it is published.

  4. Maryann, your words are so kind. Thanks for being so encouraging. It's been a nice end to an incredibly long day.


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